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25. SMAP

Sorry, f-list, for spamming so much. Please, if you have time to, do watch the video above.

Please, once again, I urge all of you to give Tsuyoshi your support. It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of his, or not a SMAP fan or anything close to that at all. Whether you like Arashi (which a majority of you do), T&T, NEWS, KAT-TUN, etc. Tsuyoshi is deeply regretting his actions and is going to take time to reflect upon himself. When asked about members of SMAP, Tsuyoshi seems so close to breaking down. He has called each and every one of them and apologised to them as well.

Tsuyoshi has also said that he will not drink for the moment, until he learns how to drink responsibly like a proper adult again.

To those who have laughed about this matter, once you're done laughing, I hope that you all see how serious this matter is. The matter hurts companies, Johnny's, SMAP... But ultimately, it hurts Tsuyoshi as a person.

I'm not a Tsuyoshi fan myself, but even then, I want to give him support. Not because he's famous and is from SMAP, but because he is a normal person with feelings and a sense of guilt, just like everyone else.

Thanks, bitethelove
sho // mimura takuya

24. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅 剛)

Giving my two cents on the latest situation happening with Tsuyoshi.

What he did was wrong. I know that. He knows that. We all know that.

Even before this situation happened, Nakai and Shingo have said before that Tsuyoshi, when drunk, becomes scary and will take off his clothing. It's a bad habit of his when he's drunk, and this time it just so happened that it occured outside. Tsuyoshi, above everyone else, knows what he did was wrong. Yet it was during a drunken stupor, a moment in which he had no control over himself. The guy doesn't even remember why he took off his clothes.

Companies will suffer losses for his actions, his image, ruined as well. The worst possible things happening to him because he lost himself to alcohol for one night. If there is anything to blame, it would be the alcohol he drank.

He is going to be severly penalized for his actions, that is without a doubt. The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication has already gone so far as to call him the 'worst kind of human'. I recall a certain other Minister who was showing drunken behaviour to the entire world, Tsuyoshi was only in Japan.

Chances are that he will have to make a public apology.

After all that, there are still people who laugh at the situation. Just because you don't like him, or just because you don't like SMAP, doesn't give you the right to laugh at this situation. Don't ever laugh at the misfortunes of others. That's just stupid. And insensitive. Better yet, don't even bother commenting.

I wish Tsuyoshi and SMAP all the best, and that the worst case scenario will not take place. It may take many years to build up the trust of the public again, but I do hope that everyone will give him support to pull through all this.
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22. i take your life forever

I haven't been free at all lately, but now I suddenly found three days off, so it's more scans again! This time its from September's Potato, and only the Arashi section of it. I'd scan in the rest later, but I thought I'd put the Arashi part in first... Because, hey. It's Arashi. ♥ Not too sure if anyone already scanned and uploaded these, but I'll upload it anyway.

Sorry for taking such a long, long, long break from scanning stuff... As well as commenting on your journals and things like that. I certainly hope my second semester would be easier to work with.

Okay, no more idle chatter, onward to the scans!

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18. Viva myself!

Here I thought that if I was late again, someone would scan these and post these up at the respective Arashi communities (then again, it could very well happen while I'm making this post). So many scans at the start of the month! Scans are all in 600dpi. I shan't bore anyone else with the text up here any longer, but I just wanted to say one thing:

G is right beside H, so whenever I slip, I type: "GEY SAY JUMP". I'm so sorry. That shall be all.

...No, it isn't. Have I mentioned that I ADORE Duet's photoshoot, just because of all the pretty colors and backgrounds they've used? Seriously, it's really pretty.

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17. いやしないのさ いつでも

Today, I've scanned in April 2008's Potato. This time, there is a little change - I've decided to scan in all the pages one by one, starting with Arashi, of course - rather than just scanning in the Arashi pages. It'll probably only be for this magazine, though. I'll slowly upload them here as I scan each one in. (Don't worry, I'll get about to scanning in Duet and Wink-up's Arashi pages right after). All images were scanned at 600dpi, like all the other times.

It might take me a while to be able to upload the higher quality .rar files to Megaupload right now, since my premium account just expired and the speed has gotten a lot slower. :/ Good things always never last. If you'd like me to tell you once they are uploaded, please do tell me in your comment! Thank you!

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12. Rolling rolling on

I bring scans for Arashi's Step and Go single, both Limited Edition and Regular Edition versions of the cover. Scanned once again at 600dpi, they are of pretty good quality. Scans of the lyrics for both versions also included, though I'm not sure how much use they are going to be. Since everyone else has ripped the mp3s and the dvd already, I'll only be sharing the scans. Everyone is so fast... Not sure if they've been posted anywhere already, but scanning it in anyway, because it's Arashi. That's reason enough. ;D

I'm not sure if anyone wants it, but I'll offer to scan in some of the past singles and albums' covers too. I'll write out a list of what I can scan in if someone wants that.

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arashi // blue

10. Yabai!

Watch me upload these so late again. Once again, these were all scanned at 600 dpi, which is of pretty good quality (at least I believe so). Scans this time are from March's Wink Up and Duet, which I'm pretty sure someone else scanned in before I got around to doing it again, but scanned them in nevertheless. Sorry for being so slow! :/ Valentine's Day present from me?

I personally really like Aiba's Wink-up picture, just because. Sho-kun's is nice, too! I'm a sucker for orange and black schemes. I also like Sho-kun's tie in the duet photoshoot. ♥ Not going to keep rambling on here since this is the unimportant stuff people don't want to read, so I'll end it here.

Since I've seen plenty of scans of Potato for the month, I've decided not to scan that in unless requested. I don't think I'll need to, however. I've also got Myojo, so if anyone wants that, I'll be happy to scan it in if requested.

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3. あの時あの場所でまた会えるかなぁ

While I should be scanning in stuff, I was procrastinating. I even took time to go to my cousin's house an hour away and stay there for five hours. That's the reason why it took so long! Sorry about that! During that period of time, I also succumbed to the plus account just to get more display pictures. ♥

Anyway, as usual, the images were all scanned at 600dpi, so they are of pretty good quality, though I kind of think my scanner really hates white backgrounds. The scans this time are from February's Potato and Duet, and I know that there are already scans of these going around already. :/

IMPT: Also, I have a question. Do you all want to see scans from issues that are more recent, like from now onwards, or would you all like to see scans that were from older issues that are probably floating around the internet in all directions as well? Just to give me an idea what people want to see.

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aiba // itsuka no summer

1. Scans!

I went and scanned in the Arashi pictures for Wink-up, and I'll probably move on to scanning Duet and Potato later on. So, right now, enjoy these first! All the magazines were scanned at 600dpi, so they're of pretty good quality! Also, under the cut are three other scans that I scanned quite a while back, and can't remember which magazine it was from because I have such horrible memory, and epically named them 'random scans'. Click on the images for the larger picture! :D

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